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Faculty - Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

  • Mr. Amendra K. Singh

    Associate Professor (Head)
    e-mail: aksingh.1960@yahoo.in,amren@live.in
    Mobile No.: 8007371842
    Date of joining : 04/08/1986
    Qualification: ME (Energy Conversion & Pollution)
    Research Papers published: 03

  • Mr. Satish M. Tekadpande

    Associate Professor (member, BoS)
    e-mail: satishtekadpande@rediffmail.com
    Mobile No.: 9273353308
    Date of joining : 01/08/1985
    Qualification: BE (Metallurgy)
    Research Papers published: 05

  • Mr. Indrapal A. Juneja

    Associate Professor & In-charge WLS, MESA, Project
    e-mail: junejaraju@yahoo.com
    Mobile No.: 9637343879
    Date of joining : 23/11/1987
    Qualification: ME (Engineering Systems & Pollution)
    Research Papers published: 04

  • Mr. Mahadeo D. Kayarkar

    Associate Professor
    e-mail: mkayarkar@rediffmail.com
    Mobile No.: 9673975838
    Date of joining : 02/07/1989
    Qualification: ME (Energy Systems & Pollution)
    Research Papers published: 03
    Approved supervisor: PG

  • Mr. Anil Y. Katre

    Associate Professor
    e-mail: ayk64@rediffmail.com
    Mobile No.: 9422832367
    Date of joining : 26/06/1991
    Qualification: BE (Production Engg)
    Research Papers published: 01

  • Mr. Sanjay K. Asati

    Assistant Professor (Faculty advisor, ISTE Students Chapter)
    e-mail: sanjay_asati@yahoo.co.in
    Mobile No.: 9850347382
    Date of joining : 01/07/1995
    Qualification: MTech (Production Engg)
    Research Papers published: 09
    Approved supervisor: PG

  • Mr. Prithipal A. Juneja

    Assistant Professor (Alumni, STTP I/C)
    e-mail: pajuneja2007@rediffmail.com
    Mobile No.: 9423514983
    Date of joining : 01/07/1995
    Qualification: BE (Production Engg)

  • Mr. Pravin R. Halani

    Assistant Professor (In-Charge, Industrial Visits)
    e-mail: prhalani@rediffmail.com
    Mobile No.: 9370907964
    Date of joining : 20/03/2007
    Qualification: BE (Production Engg)
    Research Papers published: 01

  • Mr. Amol S. Doye

    Assistant Professor
    e-mail: doye_amol@rediffmail.com
    Mobile No.: 9545175253
    Date of joining : 19/11/2007
    Qualification: MTech (CAD /CAM)

  • Mr. Govind D. Agrawal

    Assistant Professor
    e-mail: govinddagrawal@yahoo.co.in
    Mobile No.: 8007149955
    Date of joining : 26/11/2009
    Qualification: BE, PGD-PE (mechanical engg)

  • Mr. Manoj S. Choudhary

    Assistant Professor
    e-mail: mschoudhary24@gmail.com
    Mobile No.: 9923068767
    Date of joining : 12/08/2011
    Qualification: BE (Mechanical Engineering)

  • Mr. Anand Manjarkhede

    Assistant Professor (T & P Co-ordinator)
    Mobile No.:
    Date of joining : 02/02/2015
    Qualification: M.Tech.

  • Mr. Rajendra W Pimpalshende

    Assistant Professor
    Mobile No.: 8378998979
    Date of joining : 01/08/2016
    Qualification: M.Tech.(HPE)

  • Mr. Nitin H Rahangdale

    Assistant Professor
    e-mail: nitinrahangdale24@gmail.com
    Mobile No.: 9403378378
    Date of joining : 03/08/2016
    Qualification: M.Tech (Prod. Engineering)