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Department of Information Technology

  • Vision of the Department:
    Our vision is to produce competent software professionals, academicians and researchers through Quality Education.

    Mission of the Department:
    M1: To offer high-quality education in the computing fields and an environment conducive to research for both students and faculty

    M2: To make a persistent effort to achieve excellence through innovative educational  programs and co & extracurricular activities that would contribute to effective teaching- learning and all round development of  students so as to prepare them to  be the leaders and innovators of tomorrow.  
    M3: To produce competent software developers, system designers and network programmers.
    M4: To keep abreast of the latest developments and technological transformations in computer science and engineering for social benefits.

  • The Information Technology department was setup with the aim of providing state-of-the art education and training to talented students from all over India. The mission of the department is to work as a pacesetting department with an eye for the future to turn out motivated computer engineers striving for excellence and perfection in the tasks undertaken with zeal to serve the interests of the nation and its people, in the competitive global scenario. To this end, we dedicate ourselves to the highest standards of technical education and research in emerging engineering disciplines like Computer and Information Technology, and striving for overall personality development of the student imbibed with professional and ethical code of conduct, working towards promotion of national integration.
    The object is to provide students with strong theoretical and practical background in computer hardware and software along with engineering analysis design and implementation skills necessary to work between two. The department is known for excellent results, placements, various projects from industry.
    This course offers, compulsory subjects in both hardware and software such as discrete maths, Computer Architecture and Organization, Theory of Computation, Algorithms & Data Structure, Data Processing and File System, Communication Electronics, Programming language C Information Theory etc.