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Department Of Applied Science & Humanities

  • This department was established in the year 1983 in concurrence with the inception of the institute. In this department, the following subjects are taught:

    BE Semester I:

    Applied Mathematics-I (Theory)

    Engineering Physics (Theory & Practical)

    Engineering Chemistry (Theory & Practical)

    Basic Electrical Engineering (Theory & Practical)

    Basic Civil Engineering (Theory)

    Engineering Graphics (Theory & Practical)

    Computational Skills (Practical)

    Communication Skill (Practical)

    BE Semester II:

    Applied Mathematics-II (Theory)

    Advance Physics (Theory & Practical)

    Materials Chemistry (Theory & Practical)

    Engineering Mechanics (Theory & Practical)

    Advance Electrical Engineering (Theory)

    Ethical Science (Theory)                                                                               

    Engineering Graphics-II (Practical)

    Workshop (Practical)

    Various departments of BE First Year are looked after by the qualified & senior faculty, as mentioned below.

    Prof A. K. Bajpayee: Head, Department of applied Mathematics

    Dr. P. R. Dhote: Head, Department of applied Chemistry

    Dr. V. R. Chandrayan: Head, Department of applied Physics

    Dr. (Mrs.) M. D. Roy: Head, Department of Humanities.

    The department is well coordinated by the In-Charge, BE First Year Prof. D. Y. Kadel, Associate Professor, Department of Electronics Engg.

    FIESTA (First year Engineering Student’s Association): It’s a Club form in the year 2012-13 exclusively for the BE first year students with the intention to provide them the platform where they can exhibit their skills. This surely helps the students to groom their overall personality.

    Dr. (Mrs.) M. D. Roy is the Faculty In-Charge of FIESTA.